standard-title Dianne E. Porter OD

Dianne E. Porter OD


Born and raised in Indiana, I lived most of my childhood on a farm with cattle and horses, in the out skirts of Bloomington.  Growing up there, I couldn’t help but be a huge IU fan and a fond supporter of Bobby Knight.  My mother worked for the university, so we had season tickets to basketball and football games.  I love sports as a player and spectator, and my biggest crush now is the NFL and playing the fantasy.  Like everyone, I have had to endure many hurdles in my life, losing a brother in a tragic car accident when eleven, and also losing my Dad to Cancer in 1986.  Both losses changed my life in that nothing lasts forever.  I chose Indiana University because of my love for Bloomington and the campus.  In 1984, I graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing.  Did not enjoy this career choice, so returned to school searching for my calling.  Many credit hours later, graduating from Optometry school in 1993 has been my true calling and is a career that I enjoy.  I love my work, my employees and my patients.  I believe I’m living the life I was directed to live.  My favorite hobbies are swimming, boating and camping with family and friends.  In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast Cancer.  What a crazy ride for survival, but I’m currently Cancer free and blessed that I have so many wonderful people who supported, prayed and cared for me. 

My Journey continues……